The Village Hub was delighted to receive a huge donation of £594.69 from Heather, who is supported by a fantastic team of staff from local company Beyond Limits. Heather was able to do a sponsored walk of five miles long, which was a considerable achievement for her.

The money will be well used by Hubbers in their many activities. Some of it will go towards buying more litter picking equipment. Much of our original kit is on permanent loan to members of the community like Neville who regularly picks up around his local care home.

We will also be able to invest in some planting and landscaping as we continue to develop our courtyard garden and the fledgling wildlife corridor in the back lane behind the Hub.

And we can continue to make sure our Community Larder is well stocked so local people can take what they need and share what they can.

It is fantastic for the Hub to have received its first sponsor money like this from the lovely Heather, as part of our remit is to encourage everyone from our local community to appreciate how much of a difference they can make. Sometimes we feel as if our efforts on their own do not mount to very much, but together we can make a huge difference.

It’s not just donations of money that help the Hub. We gratefully receive tinned and dried food for our larder shelves, home grown surplus produce from local gardens and allotments, and books for our little library. We put as much as we can outside the Hub to make it super easy for people to access, even when we are not open, and have found that local people have been amazingly respectful of this sharing space. The organic veg we buy is put out each Thursday and the honesty box offers a convenient way for people to drop in their pennies as they pick up a few bits for tea fresh from the farm.

With initiatives like these, we are on a mission to prove that generosity, honesty, kindness and compassionate values are so much more prevalent in our community than selfishness and greed.

Thanks Heather!